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Trust us! Your babies need to wear baby socks!

Babies and Socks!

When it comes to babies, Socks are greeted with mixed feelings. Some parents feel that going barefoot is essential to allow feet to develop. Others feel it is important to cover them, leaving some extra toe wiggle-room. Just how important are socks for a newborn?

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Why do babies need Socks?

Temperature is critical when deciding if your child should wear socks.  Babies lose heat quickly and may not be able to control their body temperature.  A baby’s hands and feet are naturally cool, so don’t use them as an accurate measurement of your baby’s temperature.  However, if your child’s feet look blotchy or blue, cover them up.  

A general rule of thumb is to add one more layer of clothing than you are comfortable wearing.

Picking up anything for babies is a very delicate task. Babies are sensitive, vulnerable and way too precious. And coming to something as important as socks, more care should be taken while selecting it. Baby socks are available in various types in the market, but some factors are essential to be considered while buying them. 

Why are baby socks important for your little ones?

1. Protection Against Cold

  • As the winter approaches, or in cold regions, the exposed parts of the body become cold. Especially the feet, the hands and the tip of the nose. 
  • Babies, on the other hand, are sensitive but at the same time, are unable to voice their problems. Their feet might be freezing, yet they wouldn’t be able to convey that. 
  • For that reason, whenever it’s cold, it is best to cover the baby’s feet with socks. So that their feet remain warm. 
  • And it is a known fact that if the feet are warm, then the whole body feels warm. When the feet are warm, the circulation of the body is also improved.

2. Protection Against Dust And Dirt

  • The ground is full of dust and germs. 
  • Babies generally have low immunity. So, they get more prone to infections while having any contact with them. 
  • They might have been walking on the ground. When you picked the baby up and placed him/her in bed, he/she might put the feet in the mouth. 
  • This might mean that all the germs have also entered the body. 
  • To protect against this, it is important to keep the feet covered, so that the baby comes less in contact with the outside germs.
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3. Keeps The Moisture Intact

  • After a nice warm bath, the skin becomes soft. 
  • To keep the moisture intact in the feet, babies are required to put on socks. 
  • This protects them from dry and cracked feet.


Parameters for selecting baby socks!

Not all kinds of baby socks are comfortable for the babies, in different climatic conditions. For all circumstances, they need particular kinds of socks. 

Let’s look at some of the parameters you need to check before selecting baby socks.


  • For a bright sunny summer day, the perfect material for Baby socks would be 100% pure cotton. 
  • The pure cotton baby socks don’t make the feel sweaty and damp. And it also enables the proper circulation throughout the body. 
  • In cold weather, woolen socks are given preference. No one would want those tiny and cute feet to be cold, and the baby to fall sick. So, it’s better to cover the feet with socks.


Just like adults even babies have the right to look good for any event. Those dashing cute little babies make every occasion shine. Half of the time they throw their shoes off because they don’t like too many apparels on them. They kind of enjoy being able to be free and light. For that, the baby socks need to be trendy and suited for the occasion. Be careful, when you are selecting. Pick the designs that would look appealing to the babies, like colourful cartoons that are Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, and bumblebee and so on. This also helps to stop the babies from throwing away their socks when they get bored of it.


  • Our clothing change with seasons. 
  • We do not put on up the same garments in winter that we used in summer. Summer is for wearing light fabric that enables a lot of air circulation.
  • In winter it is more essential to keep yourself warm and comfortable. So according to the weather it is best to choose socks for the baby. 
  • In summer pure cotton baby socks are preferable, whereas in winter, woolen ones.
  • Again, during monsoon, the surroundings are already humid and moist. In that case, it is better to be bare feet or have extremely light fabric’s socks, to protect the feet from mud, dirt and insect bites.
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  • Picking up the correct baby socks with the correct size is essential. 
  • Many feel that a bigger size would be better, as the feet would grow. That is wrong. 
  • Also, a smaller size won’t fit, and even if it does, the baby’s feet would not be comfortable and again blood circulation could be hampered. 
  • The feet are one of the most important parts of the body as all the nerves end there. So, it is essential to keep them healthy. 
  • When you opt for a bigger size sock, chances are there, it won’t stay for long. 
  • Babies are restless and while playing they may lose one sock.

Ever noticed how babies tend to lose their sock always. This is one of the reasons for that. Choose the correct Baby socks that stay on.


  • Here there is a slight difference between the sock being tight and the sock being small. 
  • Even if the size is as per the baby’s foot, the design might be a tighter one. This would definitely make the baby uncomfortable. 
  • They prefer to be free and they definitely should not feel suffocated in any way. 
  • That would cause potential harm to the baby’s health. So, lose socks, with correct size should be selected. 


  • People generally have this concept that a baby girl’s sock should be pink and that of a boy should be blue. That is actually not right. 
  • Babies deserve to put on any coloured sock that looks appealing to them. 
  • Even if a girl chooses the navy-blue socks designed with white or silver stars, that is absolutely fine, and it should be given to her. 
  • While choosing anything for them their own preference should be taken into account and not any stereotype.


  • The more attractive and colourful the sock is, the more the babies would want it. 
  • Their eyes just sparkle at anything colorful and bright. 
  • The baby would be least happy with a plain white sock. But in its place, if a rainbow coloured baby socks is put they would immediately want it. 

Keep your infant’s feet protected with baby socks!

These are some points to keep in mind before purchasing socks for babies. Always remember, they are delicate, so extra attention should be given for anything done for them. Choose the best Baby socks for them.

These are some points to keep in mind before purchasing socks for babies. Always remember, they are delicate, so extra attention should be given for anything done for them. Choose the best Baby socks for them.

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Above mentioned are updated baby socks ideas for 2020.

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