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What are dog socks and why you must buy one for your dog?

What Are Dog Socks?

The pet at your home may need a small covering to protect their tiny paws from all odds of the floor. This covering can best be given by making them wear small socks that perfectly fit their hands. These socks are called dog socks.

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Dogs Paw and Socks!

  • Your tiny little pet may have a wet paw while walking in your house having hardwood flooring. They might end up hurting themselves which you would not want to happen. 
  • Similarly, sometimes your cute pet may play in the mud and end up in your house with dirty paws, and making your floor a canvas of their muddy paws.
  • You might even get angry on your dog and end up having a proper exercise of cleaning your floor. 
  • To avoid these issues every day, you should get little-knit dog socks for your beloved pet. 

But to keep your floor clean is not your only purpose of purchasing dog socks. You have many other reasons to gift these dog socks to your pets. 

  • They provide cushioning to the paws of your dog.
  • They can prevent your dog’s paw with the harsh climatic condition. While, in the cold, they will keep their feet warm, in hot summer, they can keep the hands off burning while walking down the path. 
  • The dog socks also prevent your dogs from rough trail and pebbles. 
  • The dog socks are also used to prevent dogs from mud, snow etc. 
  • Socks give traction to senior dogs and dogs with hip dysplasia or arthritis.
  • Socks make movement easier, increasing your dog’s confidence and quality of life.

The enormous varieties of dog socks!

There are different kinds of dog socks; you can buy them as per your needs.

Waterproof Dog Socks

  • These are socks knit with a soft fabric those are waterproof. 
  • While soft fabric prevents the little paws from getting hurt, the anti-moisture ability avoid mud and moisture getting stuck on feet, keeping the feet clean and dry. 
  • These dog socks are having bands on the top so that they strictly keep fixed in feet. 
  • The pads are also grippy, thus giving a firm hold to your dogs on the ground. 

Animal Print Paws In Various Shades

  • You have cute prints of socks which have grippy padding of silicone gel underneath in the pattern of animal paws. 
  • These dog socks are not just beautiful but also give a thick cushioning to your animal friend. 
  • They also help in having a good grip on the ground. 
  • They are mostly in different colours and even have paws printed of different animals making it more attractive to look at. 


Disposable Socks That Can Be Thrown Away

  • These disposable dog socks are made of-of biodegradable material and can be thrown after use. 
  • This is very flexible making it comfortable for your dog. 
  • The best is that you do not need to wash them. 
  • They are made up of rubber and still protects your dog from getting hurt in paws and also from mud and snow. 
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Socks Those Are Airy: 

  • These dog socks are breathable. 
  • They are made of soft hems and are also having micropores, that will let the air enter inside the socks while your dogs are wearing it. 
  • These are especially for those dogs whose feet easily get warm so that they will not feel too hot while wearing these stockings. 
  • These socks are also grippy and let your pets play without slipping on the floor. 


Socks with Belts: 

  • These dog socks are having elastic strap tied to them. 
  • You put not only socks but also hold these socks tied to the dog through the belt or suspender. 
  • These socks are best for dogs who are not accustomed to wearing socks. 
  • These socks are also for you if your pups always remove your socks, as these dog socks will always stick firm to them till you don’t remove it on your own. 
  • These socks also provide support to bones and thus useful during diseases like arthritis. 
  • They have comfortable buckles attached to the belt to remove and connect the socks feasibly.


Stickers As An Alternative To Dog Socks: 

  • These adhesives are the best alternative solution to socks. 
  • If your pet dogs are not comfortable in wearing socks if their feet easily get hot when wearing socks, under these circumstances instead of having socks you can attach these adhesives to their paws that will prevent them from getting hurt while they are playing or walking on gravels and pebbles, and also while walking in hot cemented road during bright sunlight. 

How To Find The Best Dog Socks?

You can opt for best dog socks by looking at the size. Socks bigger than the feet will easily slip out of the feet and if purchased small will hold the feet together causing discomfort. Thus, it is essential to read the manufacturer’s manual before deciding on size as different manufacturers have different sizes. Therefore, take the size of the sock based on the manual mentioned. 

Another way to choose for your pet the best dog socks is by seeing the season and the purpose, it will fulfil. For example, if you have to protect your dog from cold, then size heavy knit socks will be perfect with grippy underneath so that it may not slip, while in summer even a foot adhesive will do. Similarly, if the dog is going on hiking, they should be wearing cushioned socks, while at home, light socks will also work. 

From where can you buy the best dog socks?

Some local pet grooming shops have these dog socks available in their stores. But you can also purchase them online from any e-commerce website.

Dog socks are a must for your dog!

Above mentioned details are updated for how to design and buy the dog socks in 2020.


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