Keeping barefoot at home is not a good idea !

Do you like to keep your feet clean and warm all the time? A number of doctors say that covering our feet even at home is something that we all should do. It is said because according to various reports, the clean floors of our home also have an infinite number of microorganisms that can harm us.

However, people often do not like to wear socks with slippers. They want their feet to feel free at least when they are at home. If you think in a similar way, then you do not need to worry anymore.

Slipper Socks!

Slipper socks are a new trend that solves the above problems for you. These socks come with a lot of benefits. Most of the people do not understand the benefits offered by these socks and hence, keep wearing simple slippers or go around the house barefooted. Do not stay in the dark and come out to know more about these amazing products that you would definitely need at your home.

What are Slipper Socks?

Most of the readers that do not know about these socks right now are wondering what they are? These are socks knitted in such a manner that they have a thick base. The thick base of the socks acts as the sole of the socks. These allow you to walk comfortably.

Especially during the colder months, it’s essential to keep your feet toasty, and slipper socks do just that. They combine the coziness of your favorite fluffy socks with the durability and thicker soles of house slippers so you can lounge around in them all day.

These are made by the process of crochet. Crochet is a style of knitting in which the yarns are interlocked. Crochet socks are extremely comfortable due to the following reasons:


    • The yarns used for crochet socks are considerably thick and soft. 
    • Any clothing made from this fabric would be fluffy and soft. That makes these socks ideal for wearing at home.


    • The technique of crochet with thick yarns makes these socks have huge air holes. 
    • Due to these holes, the air passes with ease and your feet can breathe easy. 
    • This allows the fabric to stretch out of its position and your toes to move.


    • Even though people think that due to the large air gaps, the slipper socks cannot make your feet feel warm. Well, that is a huge misconception. 
    • The thick yarns of the such socks wrap around your feet and make them feel warm and nice.

slipper socks womenUse Of Slipper Socks

The use of slipper socks can be seen widely all over the world. Various people now wear such socks even when they go out. It is a huge trend now. These can be worn at many different places and for different purposes. Some of those are mentioned below:

For Patios

  • On a winter afternoon, if you wish to sit under the pale sun on your patio. You can wear your slipper socks with grippers so that you do not get cold feet and your feet are clean. 
  • They are better than wearing shoes because with these socks you can be comfortable. 
  • Also, the grippers of the socks help you to stand and walk without slipping.

For Camping

  • If you plan a camping trip with your friends or family, you would want to be easing most of the time. That is not possible if you have your heavy camping shoes on.
  • Get yourself relaxed once you reach the camping spot and get your knitted slipper socks on. 
  • They allow you to move around in the camping spot with light feet.

For After Bath Warming

  • When you have just taken a bath and come out of the shower, it feels so cold it pinches you. Make your feet warm with such socks. 
  • The best thing about these socks is that they are available for everyone. 
  • So get men’s slipper socks, women’s slipper socks, and children’s slipper socks and make your whole family feel warm after a bath.

For Infants And Toddlers

  • Babies are curious. They would go over the house crawling or walking with their tiny little feet. 
  • Make sure that they are warm because they need extra care as they more vulnerable to diseases. 
  • Buy infant socks that act as slippers as well for your newborn baby and make him or feel cosy in the bed. 
  • You can also buy toddler and baby’s slipper socks for your kids to wear while playing in the house.

slipper socks with grippers

Variants Of Slipper Socks

As the sock slippers are way too famous in the market these days, there are new variants of the product that are being produced. 

  1. It is a normal fact that that socks slip a lot due to their smooth base. No friction between the socks and the floor makes it difficult to walk on the smooth floor. Therefore, non-skid socks were made.These socks help you to walk with ease on any kind of surface. 
  2. There are slipper socks available that have patterns. The patterns for boy’s slipper socks and girl’s slipper socks are different and as per their likes. 
  3. A large number of people like to wear fuzzy socks and wanted such socks to be fuzzy. Hence, fuzzy socks with slipper base came into being. 
  4. Crocheted socks are all time favourite and never go out of fashion.

fuzzy slipper socks


Therefore, all the benefits of slipper socks are now known to you. These are widely available in the market. Yet, if you wish to get more options for your slipper base socks, you can make the purchase online. Buying such socks online is very easy. You get to choose from a huge collection and the product gets delivered to your doorstep.

Apart from that, these socks are great and should be used by everyone. Do not forget to take good care of your knitted socks because these are more likely to get harmed. It is recommended to not wash them in the washing machine. Instead, wash them gently with your hands. That is all that you need to know about the slipper socks.


Make your feet cozy with slipper socks in 2020.

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