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What do you think or how do you feel about the socks you wear every day? No matter how strange you find this question, it makes a lot of sense. 

It is also said that, ‘A man’s personality depends on the type of socks he chooses to wear!’

Different people carry different psychology about socks and they have their own reasons for wearing these accessories. 

  • Some people wear socks just because they feel them to be mandatory with the shoes. 
  • Some seek comfort with them.
  • Some wear them because everybody else is wearing. 
  • And then there are the people who embrace their style and express their personality with funny and crazy socks. 
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It depends upon the perception you hold in your mind and heart about the socks; and this perception varies with different levels of creativity and brilliance.

Learn what do men’s novelty socks have to do with creativity?

men's novelty socks

It turns out that if you are among the people who are free-spirited and love to do experiments with your looks and clothing styles (especially men’s novelty dress socks) – then you might just be a genius. It’s not as crazy as it sounds and we are not exaggerating it. In fact, it is not crazy at all. We have got a study to back it up.

  1. In a study it was found that your personality and levels of creativity, intelligence, and brilliance are clearly reflected in the personalized socks you choose to wear. 
  2. If a person chooses funny and crazy socks for men over the boring and plain ones, it expresses more about the person’s individuality, personality, uniqueness, and their non-conformity. 
  3. The Journal of Consumer Research stated a theory that people who are nonconformists can potentially be perceived as having higher status and greater levels of competency than those who choose to live by the social norms.

Novelty socks show your uniqueness and confidence

crazy socks idea

Rules and laws are the key components in anybody’s lifestyle and people actually feel bound to live by these rules created by the society. Those who do not care much about these norms are called non-conformists. 

The people who live according the norms of society are less competent as compared to nonconformists. It has been found in a study that the people with nonconforming behavior are more brilliant as successful in life.

Basically, wearing funny and crazy type of socks tell other people that you have no concern about social norms and what others think about you. That can make you stand higher than others.

  • Novelty Socks are kept secretly under the bottom of our trousers but it has a huge potential to show off a flash of individuality to anyone who is able to notice. 
  • Your rainbow socks will show your uniqueness and confidence in life. 
  • If you don’t feel embarrassed of wearing anything you want to wear then you will definitely not hesitate taking some crucial and bold steps while chasing your passion. It gives you an upper-hand in all aspects of life.

The leading man behind the research is Dr. Adam Galinsky. He found that our choice of clothing affects the ideas that how we think about ourselves and others. In fact, it can affect our thinking, feeling and actions.

How do people percieve you when you wear novelty socks?

Having discussed so much, it would not be wrong to say that your socks are like a window of your own soul. There are many fashion accessories you love to wear but trust me, no other accessory can unleash your personality as better as the socks do.

  • Other than non-conformists’ attitude, the people who can hesitantly make their choices are more competent and capable of accomplishing something than others who follows social norms.
  • Furthermore, if you are a well-dressed gentleman with rainbow-stripped socks along and your handsome looks to go with it, people never think that you are crazy even with those crazy and silly socks. 
  • Instead, they find you a quite confident person with the ability to embrace your personality regardless of how people perceive it.
  • In other words, people will have the potential to notice your brilliancy, creativity and ability to be successful through your socks selection and it makes them understand why you stand out from the list. 
  • It might make you a trendsetter as well.
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Meaning Behind Different Kinds of Socks

  • Funny patterned socks

Thinking about beer pong socks, you get a sense of adventure and nobody can think to put you on a side. Crazy patterns show that you are able to start a conversation to anyone.

  • Socks with stripes

The striped socks in your drawer indicates that you are capable of breaking rule and regulations to live your life on your terms. It also tells about your killer styles.

  • Mismatched pair of socks

The mismatched pair flashing from bottom of your pants describes that you are lazy or you do not care about any of the social standards. It shows to people that you are confident, independent and have visionary attitude.

  • White socks

It means your life is too boring. There is no fun and adventure in life.

  • Black patterned socks

It is totally opposite to the white socks. It shows that you are full of energy and strong will power. You are ready to take down the world with your strength and wisdom.

What does your novelty socks say about you?

Dr. Adam Galinsky, a psychologist from North-western University, studied how wearing a sock will affect your way of thinking, feeling and acting. This research includes our socks selection.

If people choose to wear silly, funny, and crazy socks, it means that: 

  • They are more comfortable about showing off their uniqueness and confidence. 
  • It means you have the confidence to wear anything you like instead of being embarrassed by some funny accessories.
  • It will also indicate your personality as you don’t care about the social trends and standards. 
  • The pair of plain white or black socks allows you to hide behind the hollow standards of society rather than a printed one which gives you the confidence to follow your instincts and get the world down right into your feet.

So if you are a fun and adventurous soul, then go outside your home with your favourite printed socks to embrace your style with confidence so that no one holds the courage to drag you down.


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