Need to wear woolen socks!

Every winter season, a large number of people fall sick only because they do not make sure that they are warm enough. People cover themselves totally but often neglect their feet. It is extremely important to keep your feet covered during winters in order to avoid frostbites and cold feet.

The best way to do the same is wearing wool socks. It is expected from everyone to wear these socks during the cold season as they come with a lot of benefits. From regular office workers to adventurous hikers, everybody gets to enjoy these benefits.

What are woolen socks?

Wool socks are made from the fabric obtained from sheep fur. These socks are infamous for itching a lot. It gets extremely irritating as thick woolen socks do not let you concentrate on the job that you do. It draws your attention towards your itching feet.

This is due to the broad diameter of the wool fabric. However, there are sheep of the merino breed that provide wool that has a smaller diameter. It means that merino wool socks do not itch and provide the same warmth to your feet. There are a number of reasons due to which merino wool hiking socks are considered the best socks for travellers. Let’s know more about the same.

Why Merino Wool Socks Are The Best?

People often call merino wool as the miracle fibre. There are various properties of these socks that make them better than any other kind of socks available. Here are a few properties of woolen socks and their comparison with cotton socks.

Insulating Property

    • Merino is an excellent quality insulator. That means that wool socks made with this fibre are capable of locking warmth during the winters and help your feet stay cool during the summers. 
    • If you wonder why this is better than cotton, the answer is simple. Cotton does not have an insulating property like woolen socks. 
    • Hence, it helps to keep your feet cool during summer but is ineffective during winters.

Good Absorber

    • Another great quality of 100% merino wool socks is that they have a good absorption capacity.
    • This means that these socks can absorb the sweat of your feet for a longer time. 
    • It helps in delaying the feeling of wearing a pair of wet wool socks. 
    • Merino also makes your feet stay warm even when the wool boot socks are wet. 
    • Unlike cotton socks, which make your feet shiver. 
    • Cotton has bigger pores and hence dries too fast. But, it also takes away the warmth.

Quick Drying

    • Usually, wool takes a great amount of time to get dry. But, merino socks lose the moisture with ease and dries quickly as the fabric is thinner than ragged wool. 
    • Hikers love to men’s merino socks and women’s merino woolen socks because of their quick drying property.


    • This is one of the most important qualities of merino wool socks. They are anti-bacterial by nature. 
    • It is because of the chemical composition of the wool.
    • It is not suitable for microorganism growth.
    • Due to this very reason, merino woolen socks users do not get blisters or fungal allergies such as athlete’s foot. 
    • Anti-bacterial nature of the wool socks also makes them naturally odour resistant. 
    • Also, this property of the wool socks makes them easier to use for a longer period of time without the need of any washing. 
    • When you compare this with cotton, you would realise that cotton has no property as such. Rather, most of the bacterial allergies happen because of the use of cotton socks.


    • It feels amazing when you wear smart socks. 
    • They are unbelievably soft and comfortable. 
    • They give the feel of cotton but have much more benefits.

womens wool socks

Wool Socks For Every Occasion

For better use of customers and their complete satisfaction, woolen socks are made for every purpose and occasion. 

  • If you work in an office and you need socks for your daily use, you can get yourself wool socks for men or wool socks for women as per your needs. 
  • If you are an adventure seeker and go on hikes and treks often, then there is no better option for you other than wool hiking socks.
  • Athletes and people associated with sports need to keep their feet warmed up all the time. 
  • You can use the help of wool running socks for the same. They keep you warm and dry and help you to perform at your very best. 
  • If you have a party and you decide to wear a dress, you would need the perfect pair of wool dress socks to go with your outfit.

The regular woolen socks do not go well with a dress. Hence, you can choose from wool toe socks or thigh-high wool socks. Do not forget that your kid needs the same amount of insulation and warmth during the winters as you. Hence, buy kid’s wool socks for your children to have them protected and prepared against the chilly winter winds.

Are you afraid that the plain wool socks would ruin the look of everybody’s favourite winter festival, the Christmas? Do not worry as there are socks made from wool to preserve your Christmas look.

Final Thought On Wool Socks

You can purchase your 100% wool socks from any store that you wish. However, we recommend you to shop online as you can choose from a variety of online brands and designs at once. Avoid frostbites and cold feet during winters and keep your feet happy with socks made from wool. That is the secret to a warm and nice winter season.


These are the best woolen socks to buy in winter 2020.

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