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How to choose the best yoga socks?

Are you planning to buy a pair of yoga socks? You should first know about it and its various types and functions. Selection the right pair of yoga socks are really important.  

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What are Yoga Socks?

Yoga socks or yoga toe socks help to keep your toes spread with ease. Yoga is about control, balance, and strength, including your toes and feet. Yoga socks allow your toes and feet to strengthen through a stretch and help to train them on cue each time your instructor says, “Spread your toes!”

  • A pair of socks that has grip underneath to stick to the floor and have zero slip is known as Yoga socks
  • The Yoga socks are present in various designs, fabrics, and colours; satisfy your need for non-slippery socks required during exercise and also to suit your attire. 
  • They have grippy soles; thus, prevent you from slipping and hence falling on the floor.

Why are Yoga Socks Necessary?

  • While you are dancing, gymming, exercising, performing yoga or doing any other activities where you wish to be barefoot, Yoga socks are a must. 
  • While performing or practising any of the activities that require you to be barefoot, a pair of normal socks will be greasy and hence slippery, making you fall. 
  • Being barefoot will also not be suitable as you may get warts or any other viral infection without socks. Thus, it is essential to wear socks. 
  • Even many gyms and yoga classes will not allow your entry without socks. 

So, the best option is to buy Yoga socks

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Yoga socks and their different patterns and designs!

Criss-Cross Straps: 

  • These Yoga socks are of ankle length and have criss-cross straps on the top to give a proper grip from the top. 
  • The bottom of these socks is made of dots of silicone gel to keep you grounded. Thus, aiding you in performing any activity without the fear of falling.

Bombas Grippers

  • These are the ankle length socks having a thin layer of PVC underneath. 
  • This layer of PVC not only prevents you from skidding but also from the moisture of the ground. 
  • If there is some water on the ground, it will not absorb it, unlike other socks, keeping your feet dry.

Half Toe Socks: 

  • These are the socks with open toes. 
  • These Yoga socks also have grippy soles, but the added benefit of these socks is that they also have your toes open, making it more efficient to keep you grounded. 
  • This is one of the best kind of Yoga Socks for dancers to give them a grip, especially for ballerinas, as it allows you to stretch your foot and toes that increases your grip.


Mesh Star Cool Socks

  • These are ankle length socks with mesh on the top along with stars and grippy soles
  • These Yoga socks do not only look cool and stylish but are also airy and gives you a firm grip while performing any exercise.


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Ombré Grippers: 

  • These ankle length socks have thin PVC sheet attached to its bottom. 
  • Thus, while ombré gives it a fancy look, PVC gives waterproof base that keeps you attached to the ground while exercising or doing yoga.


Mitten Grippers:  

  • These are the Yoga socks with different sections for the big toe and other four fingers.
  • The bottom of these socks is either made of thin PVC layer or dots of silica gel. 
  • In either way, they look stylish and also give you a hold on your feet while you are performing Yoga or dancing.


Croatia Yoga socks: 

  • These Yoga socks are made up of Croatia pattern and have silica gel underneath. 
  • While the soft threads of Croatia Yoga socks are super comfy, the grippy soles will give you good support while exercising. 
  • A similar pair of socks with a layer of PVC beneath is also available in the market. 
  • These can also be used without a Yoga mat as PVC layer provides protection from dust and moisture of the ground.

Active grip socks

  • These Yoga socks use environmental friendly PVC for their grippy soles and also efficient in providing you grip for performing all your activities like gymming, Yoga, planking, dance etc.


Benefits Of Yoga Socks:

  • They are easy to carry while travelling.
  • They are washable.
  • They can be used without yoga mats.
  • These Yoga socks are safe for your skin and will also prevent fungal infections that you may catch because of barefoot.

Materials Used For Yoga Socks:

Beyond cotton, polyester, and wool used as a base for cloth of yoga socks, it consists of rubber and silicone grips as a base of the underneath grip.

How to increase the longevity of your yoga socks?

Machine Wash

You can wash these socks in machines with mild strength.

Air Dry:

 Prefer doing air dry rather than spin dry as that impacts the fabric of the socks.
Wash regularly to keep it clean and away from dust mites.

Which materials are used or yoga socks?

Look At The Quality Of Fabric: 

  • While purchasing yoga socks always look at a good quality of the fabric. 
  • A high-quality fabric will have a longer life while low-quality fabric will soon have lints around making it look old and weary. 
  • You should also look at the weather conditions before buying Yoga socks, For example, woolen fabrics can be used for winters while cotton best suits summer season.

Competitive Price: 

  • While you can buy a lower quality product at a lower price or you can end up paying more money for a lower quality good. 
  • Thus, always make sure to buy good quality Yoga socks at a competitive price. 

Designs of the Yoga Socks:

  • Depending on the needs for which you are buying Yoga socks you should choose the design. 
  • For example, an open toe socks can be used for dance, a criss-cross on top can be used for exercising.

Yoga Socks Are Readily Available In The Market: 

  • You can buy them from a local store or can also purchase them from the E-commerce website. 
  • But you should constantly be aware of the design that you want to purchase, the quality of the fabric and at also the price. 
  • So, whenever you want to buy Yoga socks always research based on your need.


Above mentioned are the best way to choose yoga socks in 2020

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